17 June 2011

Prophets of Doom Documentary with Michael C. Ruppert

Michael Ruppert returns in a new documentary on the heels of Collapse. He and others help us understand the components of our modern world that are unsustainable and lead us on a path toward a massive collapse beyond anything we have seen in recent history.

Is it really that difficult to believe that infinite growth is a myth? Debt is spiraling upward and completely beyond the reach of potential solutions. Population growth is directly tied to cheap energy. With oil being responsible for most global growth, the withering supply will also have an effect on the population. Care to wager a guess as to it's impact?


  1. I watched Prophets of Doom, and was impressed by the thoughtfulness and clarity in describing the various challenges we face. What I found disturbing was the lack of women on your panel. Once again, the discussions about our "future," or lack of one, leave out the feminine voice entirely. This is what is wrong- indeed, why we have come to this sorry state of things in the first place. Why not include voices like Vandana Shiva, or Caroline Baker? If we are to survive the days and years to come, women will be the ones who, as always, are busy holding things together. We have voices that need to be heard now, more than ever. When you leave women out of the conversation, you are leaving out more than half of the path forward. How can you navigate anywhere in half a boat?

  2. If you follow Michael Ruppert a bit closer you'd see that he is close to Carolyn Baker. She has been a frequent guest on the Lifeboat Hour. Prophets of Doom is not the most convincing documentary I've seen in recent years, and it does not have a very optimistic tone, but just because there is not a visible feminine presence in the film does not mean that it is not influenced by the divine feminine and gaia. She is definitely there in spirit. We need people, not women or men, but people to hold the world together through the rough of it if we are to survive collapse.